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  When temperature drop, pets need to be brought indoors or given proper shelter in out buildings such as a barn . They cannot survive in sub-zero temperatures and will suffer from hyperthermia. Dog and cat fur isn;t enough when the snow is falling and pets can  die from exposure to the freezing elements. Even […]

Tip 295

If you are having guests over on Christmas eve, make sure you pets are comfortably secured in another part of the house, especially if the front door is going to keep opening and closing. Make sure they have food and water, that cats have a litter box and be sure to take your dog for […]

Tup 282

From the age of around four years old, kids can start learning the responsibilities of pet ownership.Put them in charge of telling you when the food and water bowls are empty. That’s a great start!

Tip 232

Sometimes stain and odor removers leave an odor that pets themselves find offensive because they have such sensitive noses. If your pet happens to vomit on upholstery or carpeting, try dealing with the cleanup using hot water and sponge. You may be amazed what you can do. Only if there is a residue mark, bring […]