Buffy the Cat by Sandy Robbins and Paul Smulson

Sandy’s latest book is for cat lovers of all ages. If you appreciate the funny things that cats do, you will LOVE Buffy. He’s the world’s greatest copycat of human activities and a legend in his own lifetime.

Buffy truly knows how to make the most of all nine lives.

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At Last! The Original Cat Fancy Cat Bible

The book that rewrites the history of feline domestication based upon up-to-date research done this millennium.
The Original Cat Fancy Bible by Sandy Robins

Read what America is saying: 

“The Original Cat Fancy Cat Bible re-writes the “Old Testament” history of cats in terms of the latest genetic research and highlights ways to enhance the human-feline bond, the newest trends in grooming and shedding solutions, and the latest information on feline nutrition and preventive care.. It also introduces cat lovers to the Mew Testament — the current trends in feline enrichment, exercise, solving behavioral issues, and the role cats play in social media. Plus there’s a comprehensive veterinary section outlining state-of-the-art treatments and a detailed breed section to help cat lovers find the right cat for their lifestyle. This is the essential feline reference that cat lovers have always wanted.

Dr. Marty Becker, America’s Veterinarian, Taking the pet out of petrified…puts pets back into practices.

What a terrific book. It has everything a cat lover could want. Superbly illustrated and packed with great information. Two paws up from this pundit. Meeeow.

Professor Nicholas Dodman BVMS, DVA, DACVA, DACVB, Dept of Clinical Sciences Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University

Cats are such divine creatures and the information in The Original Cat Fancy Cat Bible will give all who own this book a rich resource for “need-to-know” facts, figures and fun! With the information inside and a lifelong relationship with your veterinarian, you and your cat will share an enriched, healthy and happy life!

Jane Brunt, DVM, founder “CHAT”-Cat Hospital At Towson; Executive Director CATalyst Council, where All Cats are Valued…

Award-winning writer Sandy Robins’ fun and lively voice engages you throughout this beautiful volume.

Susan Logan-McCracken, Editor Cat Fancy Magazine

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FABULOUS FELINES: Health and Beauty Secrets for the Pampered Cat

Fabulous Felines by Sandy RobinsWritten by acclaimed pet lifestyle writer Sandy Robins, Fabulous Felines reads like your favorite glamour magazine, complete with insider-scoops from the pros in-the-know. Featuring full color photos and illustrations this amusing and informative page-turner is packed with secret tips once known only in top show-cat circles, original ideas, the latest products and trends, and practical, money-saving advice for keeping your cat looking and feeling her best. Inside, find chapters devoted to fur, skin, eye, nail, and dental care; exercise, nutrition, and healthy-living, with the latest skinny for a slimmer kitty, and pet foods to avoid; plus up-to-the-minute lo-down on plastic surgery, and the benefits of spa, aromatherapy, flower essence and massage experiences for your cat. Special features include beauty secrets from celebrity show cats; how to grow your cat an edible garden (great gift idea!); tips for traveling with your cat; and how to get your cat a job, rounding out this groundbreaking new book.


For the Love of Cats by Sandy RobinsExpressing the passion felt for pets using all 26 letters of the alphabet accompanied by rhymes, colorful illustrations, and informative text, this tribute to cats explores the feline obsession in a fresh and humorous way. Readers will enjoy fun facts about the intelligent, affectionate, complicated, and independent pets that curl up in laps and bound through the house with elegant acrobatics.


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