Tip 291

It’s not a good idea to hang cat and dog treats on the Christmas tree because your pet may not be able to resist the smell and cause chaos.  Similarly don’t leave upwrapped treats in Christmas stockings.

tip 289

Keep your dogs’ plastic and heavy duty rubber toys clean and bacteria-free by washing them on the top shelf of the dishwasher on a regular basis. Use a bottle brush to clean away residue peanut butter and other reside from Kong and other similar distraction toys.

Tip 287

A spray bottle of water is a great training tool to keep pets away from the front door or from climbing on kitchen counters. It won’t hurt; they simply won’t enjoy getting wet. Eventually the mere sight of the bottle will be enough to stop them from such behavior.

Tip 286

The best way to keep pets away from Christmas trees is to spray the lower branches with pepper. One sneeze and they will leave the decorations intact. This method will keep them away from other large indoor plants too.  

Tip 285

  It’s always a good idea for pets to eat both wet and drive food.  Pets get moisture from wet food. Be sure they drink enough if on a dry food diet. It’s easier to hide pills in wet food – an excellent reason for pets to enjoy both food types.  

TIP 284

Pet gates are an excellent way of retaining pets in both certain parts of your home or garden from a safety perspective.There are even gates with built-in access for cats to come and go freely while keeping bigger dogs contained.  

Tip 283

Pet steps are an excellent investment to allow elderly pets to access their favorite snooze zones when they are no longer able to jump up on their own. They are also great for small dogs that are too short to jump up in the first place. They come in many designs to match the home […]

Tip 282

Become a Holiday Foster. It can be challenging to find families to foster pets during the holidays. Contact your local shelter or rescue group to offer your home short term to a needy pet. Taking in a pet for a few weeks or even just a day can save a life.