tip 255

  Want to get your dogs to kiss one another for a great photographic moment. Put peanut butter on one pooches snout and your other dog will help with the “clean-up” .

Tip 254

A great way to get a great close up photo of your cat is to rub catnip around your camera lens. She will be unable to resist getting up close and purrsonal…

Tip 253

Common signs that your dog is stressed or scared include averted eyes, yawning, lip licking, ears back tail lowered or tucked close to the body and deep growling. Take these signs seriously and speak to your veterinarian who may recommend a behaviorist.

Tip 252

Everything you want to know about your cat and didn’t know whom to ask is in my latest book The Original Cat Fancy Cat Bible. It covers everything from behavioral issues, how to travel with your cat, details on medical conditions that plague felines and much, much more. It is truly a bible… There’s a […]

Tip 251

Did you know there is an alternative way to neutering a dog without doing it surgically? Zeuterin is a zinc compound with FDA approval that is injected into the testicles and sterilizes the dog. The efficacy rate is 99.6 per cent. Ask your veterinarian for more details. Spaying and Neutering is the only way to […]

Tip 250

Pet Steps are another great investment in the home. They are ideal for elderly cats that can’t jump up to snooze in their favorite snooze zones. They work for small dogs who simply can’t jump very high. They come in stylish designs to accessorize your home. Photo Petco

Tip 249

A doggie treadmill is a great investment for a number of reasons. Its great for elderly dog owners who have difficulty getting out and about themselves to exercise their pet. It’s great for older dogs that need exercise but can’t go long distances any more. And finally, they are great if the weather is way […]

Tip 248

Do you know the signs of arthritis? Here are symptoms to watch  such as  stiffness, pain when getting up and walking, lameness, slowed movement and a general reluctance to move around and in terms of dogs, to go for a walk.

tip 247

Any emergency plan must include your pets. Try to think of things that would make them comfortable and safe if you should have to leave your home, and bring those things with you if you are forced to evacuate. Find shelter ahead of time in case you can’t find a pet-friendly hotel.  

Tip 246

Do not vacuum when your pet is in the room as this can stir up dust and dander allergies. Also,walk dogs early in the morning as the morning dew and wet grass lessen the release of pollen. Photo Courtesy Bissell