Tip 312

Did you know that boredom or lack of exercise can often lead to your dog licking his paws to the point of them bleeding. This has been known to happen to dogs left home alone for long periods of time.    

Tip 311

Some pets simply can’t resist chewing plastic packages and string. Both can be very dangerous if ingested. Be sure to remove plastic shopping bags and parcel string the moment you’ve unwrapped packages and shopping.    

Tip 309

It can be difficult to cut your pet’s nails especially if they have very furry feet. Wetting the hair between the toes will make it much easier to see where to clip safely

Tip 308

Snow-covered sidewalks are dangerous enough and so is the salt used to melt the ice. It is damaging to your pet’s paws. Boots are a good idea. Wipe down feet especially feline paws.

Tip 307

Anti-freeze is highly toxic to pets. Be sure to keep pets out of the garage or storage room where you house it and also ensure they are unable to lick it off driveways or garage floors. In December 2012, manufacturers voluntarily agreed to add a bitter additive to antifreeze, but pet owners should still take […]

Tip 306

If you enjoying outings on your boat with your dog, it’s a good idea to provide a ramp for your pet to get on and off the boat. There are many ramps for cars that will work for this scenario too. Also make sure you pet is wearing a flotation device with a handle so […]

Tip 305

Allowing your dog to let it stick its head out the window is a very dangerous habit because their eyes are exposed to dirt, rocks, dust and other debris. These materials can easily puncture and scratch your dog’s eyes. Damage to the ears is another big concern. When the dog’s ears flap in the wind, […]

Tip 304

A crash-tested crate is the safest way for a pet to travel contained in a car. But do your homework with regard to the crash-testing claim Will it sustain impact if hit from the front, the back and the sides? Check out the range of Swedish Vario cages.  

Tip 303

If you overfed your pets over the holidays, be sure to get them back on calorie track. Remember treats have calories and these must be worked in to your pet’s daily calorie allowance – not added on. Make this another  a New Year’s Resolution.