Tip 211

If your pets prefer dry food, make sure its stored in it original packaging so that it isn’t tainted by plastic or metal containers. You can store the sealed bags in airtight containers to ensure maximum freshness and ensure that ants don’t invade. Fun containers also look attractive in a kitchen. (Photo courtesy Harry Barker) […]

Tip 210

If you are traveling with your pet, serve food in throw-away dishes or plates, depending on their preference. This makes for quick and easy clean up when you don’t have access to a kitchen to wash dishes.

Tip 209

Exercise is healthy. A nice walk before a meal will ensure that afterwards, your dog will relax and snooze. However, on very hot days, limit exercise excursions to either early morning or early evening to avoid the punishing heat of the middle of the day. Be sure to take water with you – even on […]

Tip 208

Distraction toys such as a Kong can provide additional hours of fun if you stuff it with Ultramix sweet potato or pumpkin puree and freeze the toy until the puree is solid. Be sure to give the stuffed Kong to your dog outside or somewhere where you won’t mind cleaning up the mess – if […]

Tip 206

  For road trips and plane journeys, freeze water in a bowl  the night before. This way you can keep pets properly hydrated while traveling as they can lick the ice as it slowly melts. Freezing water in a bowl prevents spillage too. If you forget to do this, you can always get ice at […]

Tip 205

It’s important to keep pets properly hydrated even in winter. Make sure you have plenty of water bowls around the house and outside. Top them up with ice cubes to keep things chilled I’m summer and you can buy special thermal bowls to stop water freezing in winter. Be sure to wash them out regularly […]

Tip 204

  Some cats love fruit. Stay away from grapes, which are poisonous. Try watermelon and cantaloupe. You may be surprised how experimental your kitty can be. She may love to crunch on apple too.  

Tip 203

Nylon collars can after a while thin the fur under the collar. Change collars regularly and try other materials such as hemp and bamboo. Be sure to change over ID tags too. Courtesy pix The Good Dog Company

Tip 202

If you are taking a road trip with your dog, it’s a great idea to add temporary ID tags to his collar giving information about your en route locations over and above your home address.You can use paper tags from an stationery store or there is something new on the market called Twigo tags. Google […]

Tip 201

Make sure your neighbors are aware, of the problem of pet theft. Let your neighbors know if you are expecting people on your property if you are not around, so they know to call the police if someone unexpected shows up.
 Keep recent photos of your dog and cat taken from different angles that clearly […]