Tip 49

Elderly pets who are no longer agile enough to jump up onto their favorite snooze zones will gain back their independence with pet steps and help them access their favorite raised snooze zones.

Tip 46

Longhaired cats need to be brushed daily to preventing their fur from matting. Shorthaired cats should be brushed weekly. Brushing helps with shedding and means your cat will ingest less loose hair.

Tip 45

If your have young kids and a new puppy, you may need to teach them how to differentiate between their toys by purchasing different soft fabrics for comfort toys, so that they can learn to distinguish by the way they feel.

Tip 43

It’s a good idea to alternate your dog’s collar from time to time and try different materials such as hemp and bamboo instead of nylon and even leather as the latter  two materials tend to rub the hair off underneath.