Great New Gadgets For Pets On the Go

By Sandy Robins, contributor

There’s no shortage of functional gadgets and accessories that make it much easier to travel with pets.


Here are some of the latest innovations revealed at Superzoo, the annual pet industry trade show recently held in Las Vegas.

The Tick Key

The Tick Key


Ticks can be a huge problem for both pets and their owners that enjoy spending time outdoors. The Tick Key is a nifty little device that removes these deadly pests quickly and effectively without squashing them and leaving any blood or saliva behind that could cause infections and diseases harmful to both animals and humans.
It works by placing the key over the tick and pulling in an upward motion away from the skin. Made from lightweight anodized aluminum, they are available in a variety of bright colors and fit on a standard key chain.


The Neater Feeder

The Neater Feeder

The Neater Feeder is a feeding station that will ensure your pets are welcome to sleepover at Grandma’s anytime, as they won’t leave a mess behind. This “dining table” scooped numerous pet industry awards and is ideal for sloppy eaters at home too.




The raised bowls fit into a tray that contains spilt food and allows spilt water to drain into a reservoir below thus maintaining the eating area clean at all times. The units are available in two sizes and come with leg extensions so that they can be customized to suit individual

The Dura Doggie Disc

The Dura Doggie Disc
The Dura Doggie Disc is a unique Frisbee-styled toy that converts into a drinking bowl for pets on the go. Made from non-toxic nylon and rubber materials, it’s tough enough for strong chewers.



The design is the innovation of three University of California, Santa Barbara students working on a project for their technology management class.



The Pet Corrector

The Pet Corrector

The Pet Corrector is a useful tool to keep in your bag when traveling to ensure your pet is on its best behavior at all times in public places.
This small, handy can emits a harmless loud hiss of compressed air and will instantly disrupt undesirable behaviors such as barking, jumping and trying to escape from hotel rooms. It’s an ideal training tool for both cats and dogs around the home too. A special holster is available so that you can keep it handy when traveling.

The Port-A-Poo

The Port-A-Poo
The Port-A-Poo is a bone-shaped gadget that can be attached permanently on to both a standard or retractable leash, and holds empty or full poop bags until you are able to find a trash can where you can flip the latch and hygienically eject it.
It’s available in two sizes and numerous colors to cater for all dogs.


The DOOG (Dog Owners Outdoor Gear) is stylish carry-all belt for dog walkers to enjoy walking unencumbered and hands free.
It has a carabiner to attach a leash, a clip for an iPod, and can hold 30 poop bags and 20 antibacterial wipes. It also has well-designed flat pockets for keys, money and dog treats. It comes in a variety of fashionable designs and colors. lists American outlets countrywide.


The H2O4K9
The H2O4K9 is a stylish stainless steel water bottle, similar in shape to the trendy eco-friendly bottles we use.

It’s perfect for pets on the go, as the lid is designed to be used as a drinking bowl, and unused water can be simply poured back into the bottle until next time.




It comes in a variety of fashion colors with a clip to attach to a belt.


If you travel a lot and leave your pets with a pet sitter, this bed will remind them exactly what they have to do in your absence. It’s machine washable, making it easy to throw into the back of your car and take on your travels too.





Dog treats can be messy and stain surfaces. Giving your dog a free-range deer antler will keep him busy on long road trips, and it will not flake or mess. Buckarooz deer antlers are marrow-filled and high in calcium, phosphorous, and smaller amounts of other natural minerals. Deer antlers are a renewable resource as they come from U.S. free-range wild deer.
(Deer antlers fall off naturally and new ones grow in their place. No deer were harmed in any way to obtain these treats.) In fact, for Buckarooz treats, dogs are trained to sniff out the discarded antlers!




They do not splinter or chip, and are available in various sizes and thicknesses for both small and large dogs.


ID Tag

ID Tag system
Proper identification is a lost pet’s ticket back to you, no matter where you may be. The ID Tag system offers pet owners the peace of mind with a a 24-hour hotline service that will broadcast instant bulletins to shelters and rescue groups within a 50–mile radius of your pet’s last known location, as well as the top 10 lost animal Web sites.
Anyone finding a lost pet can call the phone number on the ID tag or log on to the company’s Web site and the information will reunite the pet with its owner. The service costs $9.95 a year. Each tag comes with free service for six months.


Petmate portable home
THe Petmate portable home is a lightweight, portable doghouse (or cat house) ideal for traveling. It pops open in seconds, creating a secure, confined area with plenty of ventilation.

It has a screen mesh door and a comfy padded floor. It’s available in a variety of sizes and stylish color combinations, and packs flat into a handy travel case.

Sleepypod Air
The new Sleepypod Air pet carrier removes the dilemma of dealing with different airline carrier size restrictions. This sleek unit contracts from 22 inches in length down to 16 inches to fit in the space below a range of airline seats during takeoff and landing.

During the flight, the carrier can be expanded back to its maximum size to give pets plenty of room to relax. It has excellent ventilation and zips open from both ends, making it especially ideal cats.



It’s designed for dogs up to 12.5 pounds and cats up to 15 pounds. It has lots of pockets for travel essentials and plush lining for extra comfort. It’s available in black, dark brown, orange, silver and red.

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