Gadgets For Your On the Go Pet

By Sandy Robins contributor

From a doggie high chair to a video cam for your pet

 A pet’s point of view



If you’ve ever wondered exactly what your dog sees when you are

traveling and touring fun destinations — or the world through

your cat’s eyes — the latest Eyenimal video cam has the answer

as it films everything from your pet’s point of view. This

lightweight camcorder can be fitted to any collar between a half-

inch and an inch wide. It’s equipped with 8 GB built-in flash

memory drive that corresponds to about two-and-a-half hours of

actual recording time, and it has a USB port to download the

Footage onto your computer for easy viewing. It records with

great clarity, and you will even pick-up on sounds, too. The

resulting footage will certainly put a different slant on your home




Doggie high chair

If you pet is allowed to sit at the table, the clip-on high chair is perfect for picnics and al fresco entertaining. The clip-on mechanism can be used on tables up to 2 inches thick and has rubber grips to hold it in place. The seat height is adjustable and it’s designed for pets up to 10 lbs. Available from pet stores countrywide and





Traveling can be thirsty work and now your dog can also enjoy a nutritious chilled smoothie. Cool Treats are ready-to-freeze smoothies that will remain chilled in a cool bag. The flavors include apples, bananas and peanut butter and apples, pears, bananas and a hint of mint. These low-calorie treats have no preservatives and the 1.75oz serving size is suitable for all dogs.




Hands-free leash


The latest Quantum leash converts a standard six-foot leash into a shoulder or waist leash to allow you to walk hands-free.  With carabineers and slots worked into the leash fabric, it can be transformed into a double lead and can also be hitched around a post or tree when its time to take a coffee break. Available in five color combinations includes pink and brown, black and orange and red and



Doggie flotation device

The Surf n Turf coat is a practical flotation device for dogs that enjoy water activities or sailing.  It converts from a life vest to a raincoat by simply removing the flotation liner. A fleecy liner  (sold separately) also converts this outfit into a warm winter coat. It has a handle on the neck area should you need to grab your dog in a hurry and it’s red and blue color scheme makes it easy to keep an eye on your pooch. It’s available in a variety of sizes catering to both extra small and extra large dogs.



Water+ leash holder

The Hydro Handle is water bottle-styled leash holder that is ideal for day trips to ensure that you pet stays properly hydrated. Designed with a comfortable ergonomic grip, it holds 12 oz of water that pours easily into a flip-out drinking dish. It’s made from a food-grade BPA-free plastic. The dish itself is removable and dishwasher safe. A standard leash attaches to a clip on the side.



Doggie drool remover

The current pet travel safety drive being spearheaded by Toyota to ensure that all pets are properly restrained in moving vehicles means that dogs are more likely to fog up car windows if they aren’t allowed to ride with their heads outside. Yecch is a special window cleaner to remove doggie drool from any glass surfaces in the car. Made by Bissell, the special formulation is applied with a soft brush to loosen the sticky goo and has a squeegee to remove the slobber and restore visibility. Available in specialty pet stores countrywide.


Traveling litter box

The KatPak is a simple litter box solution for feline travelers to use in vehicles or at any destination. Made of a heavy-duty biodegradable paper it folds flat for easy travel and opens up concertina-style like a large shopping bag when the litter is placed inside. Suitable for cats of all sizes. Large cutout handles makes it easy to close up and throw away without having to handle the litter.


Calming sounds

Pets left alone in hotel rooms and strange home environments are often spooked by noises on TV especially sounds like other dogs barking.  Dog Training Tracks is a special CD of blues music layered with other sounds to keep them calm in a new environment. Each track has sounds of a canine heart beat as well as a layers of “brown noise” that features regular household sounds such as typing, flushing toilets and running water  — all everyday household sounds to make your pet feel at home and settle down and snooze until you return. Available on I-Tunes


Too hot for Spot?

Too Hot For Spot is a static cling window thermometer specially designed to alert pet owner to rising temperatures that could be dangerous to a pet’s health. Temperatures in a vehicle can rise very quickly. When the outside temperature is 80 degrees, the temperature inside a parked car can rise to 120 degrees in a mere ten minutes.  This thermometer also serves as a hydration meter to alert you when to give your pet a nice cold drink.


UP-to-date ID

Up-to-date identification is a lost pet’s ticket home and vital for any pet that is constantly traveling. The TagnabbitTM is a nifty gadget designed to make it easy to add or remove tags on any pet collar. It’s particularly useful if you are traveling and changing ID tags with different telephone numbers as you go from destination to destination. It consists of two nickel rings attached by a swivel so that you can switch out tags without breaking a nail!  Available from specialty pet boutiques countrywide


Sandy Robins is an award-winning pet lifestyle writer. She is the recent recipient of the Humane Society of the United States’ Pets for Life Award. Her work appears in many national and international publications.




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