Gadgets For Pets On the Go

By Sandy Robins, contributor


Inventive entrepreneurs unleashed a plethora of great gadgets and innovative accessories designed for hassle-free travel with pets at the recent Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Fla.

So if you plan on taking your furkids on summer vacation — whether you’re planning a staycation in your home town, plotting a road trip, or looking to book your plane ticket — the latest pet-centric novelties will make the journey more enjoyable for both of you



SnooZZy OrthoAir

The SnooZZy OrthoAir is a super-comfy inflatable therapeutic air bed suitable for both indoor and outdoor situations that also works as a pool lilo for your dog to have some water fun with the rest of the family. The specially formulated, marine-grade, 32-gauge PVC is scratch and claw resistant.


The firmness of the air-filled chambers can be adjusted creating a bed that offers continuous support with no discomfort to the pet’s pressure points. It comes with a fleecy washable cover. Apart from the circular shapes, there are different-sized rectangular models too.



The TRAVEL-tainer is a complete transportable pet feeding system that eliminates the hassle of packing up bowls and filling bags with food. The system includes an airtight clear plastic food container that keeps food fresh and two food/water dishes that slip on the end. A convenient carry handle holds it all together. When it’s time to eat, just twist off the bowls and serve. This gadget is great for a spontaneous picnic or a weekend away.




The P@W
The P@W (Pet At Work) Travel System by designer Emanuele Bianchi, is ideal for pet parents who go everywhere with both their dog and their laptop computer. The carrier expands, opening out to create a portable doghouse with a doubled-sized comfort mat. There’s also a special padded section to accommodate an average-sized laptop. Suitable for small pets.




The Road Refresher bowl
The Road Refresher bowl has a unique aqua flow system, which allows enough water into the bowl for the dog to drink without it splashing over the sides. The flow of water is automatically restricted if the bowl is knocked or kicked. It has a Velcro base to hold it firmly in place on any surface, such as the carpeted interior of a car or SUV. This drinking system is available in 24 and 54 ounce sizes. Available color combos are black and grey or black and green. The bowls are made from non-toxic plastic and can safely be left in the sun.






The Package Rain Poncho comes in a convenient carry pouch and is the perfect accessory to clip on to your dog’s leash in case of an unexpected rain shower. The lightweight taffeta shell dries quickly and has a leash access hole to make it simple to slip on and go. It’s available in a variety of sizes catering for both super-tiny and large dogs, and has an adjustable waistband if your pooch is a little plump around the middle. Summer colors include fuchsia pink, red, yellow and turquoise. Find a retailer at



Towel Togs




No more wet dog shaking water all over the place and soaking you too. The Towel Togs doggie wraparound slips over the dogs head with a special hole for your pooch’s tail and an adjustable Velcro strap to fit snuggly under the tummy. Made from a highly-absorbent microfiber fabric, it dries dogs quickly before a shake-down can begin. It’s a must-have item in your pet’s luggage. Available in five sizes from


Good Behavior Calming Pheromone collar




Most cats would rather stay home than have to travel anywhere. So the latest Sentry Good Behavior Calming Pheromone collar will certainly help reduce travel anxiety and help a cat adapt to a strange environment. The collar aims to help to reduce separation anxiety, excessive meowing, destructive behavior and inappropriate marking.



Ingredients like lavender and chamomile provide a soothing effect that lasts a month. The collar has a safety-breakaway clasp, and is safe for kittens and adult cats. Calming collars are also available for dogs.



The Cool Down Doggie leash







The Cool Down Doggie leash includes a built-in demister bottle to keep dogs cool when out and about. The refillable water bottle has a trigger control and a continuous spray feature. The leash is 5-foot long and available in both a half-inch and 1-inch thickness. Your pooch won’t mind if you use it to cool yourself down too.

*Available late September,


Carabiner HitchNLeash


The Carabiner HitchNLeash is ideal for securing your dog anywhere at any time — especially when you have to pop into Starbucks for that latté. The soft grip Carabiner handle clips onto D-rings sewn onto the leash to secure your pal to your table, chair or sidewalk post. Made from cotton webbing, this patent-pending design also has a reflecting strip for nighttime


Spotlight GPS pet locator


The Spotlight GPS pet locator allows pet owners to keep track of their dogs, both at home and on the road by setting up safe zones and sending out alerts the moment the pet leaves the location. Errant pets can be tracked via computer or data-functioning phone. In addition, there is a 24-hour call center for extra support to prevent pets from straying too far. The lightweight device clips onto a collar and pet owners can choose different monthly alert/call services starting at $7.99 a month.



If you have an iPhone — well yes, there’s an App to track your pooch that gives turn-by-turn directions on a Google map. The locator has the paw of approval of the American Kennel The iPhone App is a free download from

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