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Dog Fancy

Your Dog May Need Braces

New orthodontia techniques put a bite in canine dental problems

The New CSI

There is a new breed of CSI technicians working with the police, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies around the country. While they don’t have their own TV series yet, they are fast making their mark and giving a new meaning to the acronym CSI namely, canine scene investigators.

The Ultimate Grooming Guide For Your Dog

Regular grooming is essential to your pet’s overall good health and is a great way to spend quality time together. This grooming guide includes expert tips to help make the experience a pleasurable one for both you and your dog.

Travel Accessories for Dogs On the Go

These days, many pets lead busy social lives.  Whether you’re planning to vacation with your dog, or just enjoy going places together locally, we’ve selected some innovative products that include everything from a portable paw wash to a doggie video cam that promise to make the time you spend together much more enjoyable.

Barkeries … The New Starbucks…

Every evening, the LoBianco family of Belmont Shore, Calif take an after dinner stroll to Wisker’s Beastro on Second Street and buy Molly their Bassett Hound a treat from the store’s amazing selection of gourmet canine confectionary.

Originally published in DogFancy Magazine.


Wine country dogs

Canines set the tone at these California wineries.

Originally published in DogFancy Magazine.


Replacement Parts

Canine prosthetics give dogs new options.

Originally published in DogFancy Magazine.


Gone to the Dogs

The recent plethora of canine-related reality shows unleashed on a dog-loving public has a very loyal audience sitting up and begging for more.

Originally published in DogFancy Magazine.

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