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Sandy Robins, Pet Lifestyle ExpertAs the country’s leading multi-media celebrity pet lifestyle expert and  influencer, SANDY ROBINS documents the wonderful relationship that we have with our pets highlighting trends and innovative ideas as they happen.

Many dogs and cats have lifestyles that mirror their pet parents’ own lives. Nothing is too good for our fur kids. Consequently, the pet industry is a 110 billion dollar business – bigger than toys, candy and jewelry combined. Sandy documents this industry every step of the way  highlighting how these trends can improve our pet’s general health and well being and enhance our human-animal bond.

She is the winner of the Excellence in Journalism and Outstanding Contribution to the Pet Industry Award presented by the American Pet Products Association. Previous winners include Dr. Marty Becker, Ellen De Generes and Victoria Stilwell. She has also been named a Woman of Influence in the Pet Industry and received the Pet Industry Icon Award.

Her award-winning work is very visible on many of the country’s leading pet platforms such as Today.com, MSNBC.com Zillow and many more She is a regular contributor and columnist in multiple national publications such as Modern Dog, Catster as well as industry leaders such as Pet Age magazine and mainstream media such as Consumers Digest and Happy Paws. Her work also appears regularly on a variety of prestigious blogs. Every feature or TV appearance breaks new ground as Sandy details everything from state-of-the-art surgical procedures to improve our pets’ wellbeing to the latest haute couture designs and the new home décor trends as they unfold.

Her books include the award-winning Fabulous Felines: Health and Beauty Secrets for the Pampered Cat and For The Love of Cats. She is the author of The Original Cat Bible as well as Buffy The Cat: Making the Most of Nine Lives.

Sandy is a popular guest speaker and inter alia has work as a TV lifestyle spokesperson for PETCO and served as a pet safety advisor for TOYOTA and laucnhed the first ever pet video cam for Motorola. She is aligned with many prestigious companies in the pet industry and been award the Pet Industry Icon Award for her contribution to the industry over the past 20 years. She is often quoted in mainstream publications such as Martha Stewart’s Living, The Wall Street Journal, Kiplinger’s and websites such as Fox News and Oprah.com.

Sandy has travelled internationally speaking at such prestigious events and Petfood Forum in Bangkok and Cologne,Germany. She’s a popular Facebook Live guest and has also worked in radio hosting her own show Pawsitively Pets Radio, as well as a segment  called   House Pets  on the On The House network which reached a weekly audience of 1.2 million.

If there’s a major event in the pet world, you can count on Sandy being there. She is a regular visitor at all major pet industry expos and a regular attendee at conferences such as the annual Cat Writer’s Conference. She is along-standing member of both the Cat Writers of America and the prestigious Dog Writers of America organizations.

Sandy is an avid campaigner for animal shelters and laws that protect animals everywhere. She is a strong advocator of pet adoption. Every pet deserves a loving permanent home and she has been among the first to point out that shelter pets do benefit from the luxurious lifestyles that other pets are lucky enough to enjoy because over-indulgent pet parents are often the first to give donations and organize fund-raising events to help animals that have been abandoned and neglected.

Because she often travels internationally, Sandy knows what it hot and happening in other parts of the world too.

Of course it goes without saying that she is a besotted pet parent to a menagerie of fur kids at her home in Southern California.

The human-animal bond has never been stronger and the benefits of living with pets have never been more evident. Pets Rule!




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