When Covid-19 became a way of life, everyone who owned a sewing machine seemed to jump on the bandwagon, grab any bits of material they had, and started making masks. The results, some really hot, badly made merchandise started showing up everywhere.

Needless to say a plethora of designs were part of the mix with many pet centric patterns.

We have to muzzle up!  But at the same time, masks need to be comfortable and made from a breathable fabric. Of all the pet-related samples I’ve seen, I have picked this design (above) from Soft As A Grape to give the Must Have Stamp of Approval.

Firstly, the thread-less sequined paw print is bipetual in its design. The mask is truly comfortable to wear as its made from 3-Ply, 100% cotton jersey material with neat pleats on the sides providing proper coverage and has elastic stretch binding ear loops help hold it in place.

And, at $6.50 , it’s not a rip off! Soft AS A Grape have stores on the East Coast but you can also shop on line.Learn from your pooch and muzzle up…