PetSafe® Walk-Along™Outdoor Harness

There is no shortage of great dog harnesses on the market. However, this one really stands out because its has so many functional features built into a nice lightweight, design so that its not heavy for the canine wearer to have on for lengthy periods.

  • The Walk-Along™ Outdoor Harness has a zippered pouch centered on top of the harness, ideal for  essentials such as a wallet, car keys, phone or poop bags. And, of course some treats! The size and location of this small pouch prevents the possibility of adding too much weight and overheating your dog during walks.
  • It has two D-ring attachments so that it can be used as a standard harness with the top attachment  aligned with the lower back area of the harness, and, also, as a no-pull harness using the  attachment in front on the chest.
  • It has padded chest straps for comfort, with reflective stitching for extra visibility.
  • The harness is water-resistant including the pouch hold-all.
  • The handle  doubles as a seat belt tether working in conjunction with a standard seatbelt system to keep your dog restrained in a car.

It is the latter feature, in my opinion, that makes this stylish, functional harness a must-have. I have  noticed that while many pets parents understand the benefits of restraining a  dog in a vehicle they are reluctant to use a designated dog seatbelt harness or other systems, because as one millennial pet parent explained it, ” its too complicated and time-consuming. I need some that clicks into place and is easy to remove and take the dog out of the car.”

Well, the handle unclips without fuss and bother. It  is simply a matter of sliding the seatbelt through it and clipping the seatbelt in place as you would for a passenger. And, unclipping the seatbelt, as you would do for yourself, to get out and go!

An unrestrained pet is the third biggest problem to distract drivers following cell phone and dash dining. Thus, this simple feature on the harness can literally be  a life-saver  by restraining a pet and stopping it from jumping about and distracting the driver’s concentration.

This harness is available in multiple sizes for dogs great and small and comes in all-black and the orange with black trim featured here.

This product was tested by Riley. She adapted to being restrained with it without any fuss and bother.And she can be a real nuisance in a car! Hence this harness gets the Must Have Stamp of approval.