Mammoth Dental Flossy Chews

Not every dog sits quietly and allow’s their pet parent to brush their teeth. These new Dental Flossy Chews from Mammoth  have real dental floss infused into a tough poly cotton woven rope to allow pets to take care of their own dental hygiene while enjoying hours of interactive playtime. The dental floss  is formulated with natural beeswax and mint to help freshen breath and control tartar.

There are various toys in the lineup (see below) in both the spearmint labelled Extra Fresh or peppermint  Winter Fresh flavors and they are designed for really tough and aggressive chewers.

There are various sizes available and also designed for dogs of all ages.

Pet parents will get their money’s worth out of these special dental chews and dogs will have hours of fun attempting to unravel the ropes and untie the monkey knots.

Monkey Fist Ball With Rope Ends
Dental Ring with Handle

For over 25 years Mammoth Pet has been a recognized name in the dog rope toy business and these dental Flossy Chews pet exceeded our expectation in terms of function and longevity in the toy box.They are a must-have item in every toy box.

The Mammoth Dental Flossy Chews get the Must Have Stamp of Approval.

This product was tested by Riley.