Walking To Raise Funds for Pets

On the road a dollar a mile for charity.

On May 18, Rebecca McCrea, owner and founder of Hickey Bottom Barbecue Company, started walking  2,473 miles from Butler, Pennsylvania to  the Best Friends Animal Society’s Los Angeles location to raise funds for this facility. With her on the road is her dog Arnie.

Her donation goal is $1 for every mile. So far she has succeed her donation goal thanks to the generosity of animals lovers cheering her on. She is approaching the half-way mark and there is still plenty of time to make her walk worthwhile.

Rebecca and Arnie

McCrea hopes her adventure and altruism will inspire others to challenge themselves.

“If I inspire one person to do something they’ve always wanted to do…or to simply try something new, it’s all worth it! So go ahead, you; play cards In Vegas, go whitewater rafting, take that leap of faith on the end of a bungee rope, rent a race car, or just go spend a day in beautiful nature overlooking a landscape you have never seen. If I inspire one person to do something—anything—I am doing something meaningful.”

Hickey Bottom Barbeque Company is named after a quiet country road in western Pennsylvania.  McCrea explains, “It’s a place where hard-working folks do their best for their families and their neighbors.  It’s where your word is your bond, and a handshake is a contract you stand behind.  Hickey Bottom is something we all carry within us and can find everywhere you go. Hickey Bottom is more than just the name of our company; it’s a way of life.”

Come on, barbecue companies, take her up on the challenge! You can follow Rebecca McCrea’s journey on her Facebook page for daily updates: https://www.facebook.com/rebecca.mccrea.31

For more information about Best Friends Animal Society, go to www.bestfriends.org