Skoon Cat Litter

When it comes to pet care products, if I had to choose one buzzword that millennials best relate to it would be sustainability. This generation, along with the upcoming Generation Z, truly understands the benefits of renewable and  biodegradable products . And, with it, they also expect transparency from manufacturers to spell out their mission to promote both good health for our pets – and for the planet. Further, Millennials are doing a really good job of educating Baby Boomer pet parents too!

This conversation is very relevant with regard to cat litter as tons  of non-sustainable products clog landfills every year. The cat litter market has certainly come a long way since in 1947 Edward Lowe’s neighbor Mrs. Draper asked if he would give her some of the clay earth his kept in his yard to use for her cats as her usual supply of ashes that she used was frozen over the in the cold Michigan winter. She commented that the clay earth did a great job absorbing the urine. And, acting on her insights, Lowe realized he was onto a good thing and started selling clay earth for cats marketing it as kitty litter …

Ziggy and Tory inspect. A scoop comes with the litter.

Today, with cats being the most popular companion animals in America, the  litter business is booming and the industry has expanded to include all kinds of litter products from recycled newspaper pellets, sawdust, wheat by-products, cassava roots, coconut husks and, now, a newbie in the marketplace namely Skoon is made from all-natural with diatomaceous earth. Skoon made from all-natural with diatomaceous earth. It’s an age-old natural mineral that results from successive volcanic eruptions and mined in the South American region of Patagonia. The process to make the litter takes these diatom pebbles and further supercharges their absorption capabilities through a unique Diatomax process involving low heat-thermal activation. This results in a sponge-like structure that absorbs liquids and destroys bad odors from urine while rapidly drying up solids too.

On a side note, there are many uses around the home for non-toxic diatomaceous earth which is made up of fossils of tiny algae-like organisms called diatoms. Most notably, its ideal for pest control in a garden with pets when you don’t want to use pesticides. It’s also a natural flea repellent!

The diatomaceous earth product used in Skoon litter is made up of scent-free tiny pebble-sized chips. Because it’s a natural, and  non-toxic product, it’s completely safe to use in this kind of application. And, because it has such great absorption qualities it “sponges up” urine very quickly, leaving no trace of any offensive odor. Thus, the only scooping that needs to be done daily is for the removal of dry fecal matter. This means that one 8 lb. bag can easily last a month. I have two cats and hence two boxes, but it’s impossible to confine them to their designated boxes – they like to share! So the “lifespan” of a bag varies…

Tory tests … Ziggy queues … I’m next …

Because of its pebble-like shape, Skoon litter doesn’t track outside the box – unless your cats, like mine, are enthusiastic kickers! But even with such antics, what they kicked out remained in place on the litter mat and was easy to remove.

The success of a kitty litter depends completely on a cat’s acceptance of the product. It’s always a good idea to transition over from one product to another over a period of a week. It takes patience and you may waste a bit in the cross-over but it’s certainly worth taking the time to do it properly.


Interestingly, I had absolutely no trouble making the switch. In fact, much to my surprise, when I set up a box for a photograph, they jumped in to investigate! I quickly added some poop and a clump of urine from their original box to send the correct smell message and they took to Skoon “like ducks to water.” After the initial visit from both cats, I simply removed the urine clump that had been the “bait” to attract them.

I have looked at and evaluated, with feline help, so many different litter products, and Skoon was a very pleasant surprise. The cats are very happy using it, it has great odor control – a big plus for every pet parent — and, because it’s sold on a home delivery basis, it eliminates lugging heavy bags home from the store. A win-win.

If I have to add a word of caution, because of the uneven shapes of the pebbles, it may be difficult for declawed cats to use as they really require something silk-soft to tread on. (You shouldn’t be declawing — it’s a horrendous amputation of the first joints on tiny paws — but that’s another story.)

Initially, when I was approached by Inova to evaluate their product, the plan was to simply test it in order to expand my knowledge of the litter market. But subsequently, because it got such great feline approval in my household, and, because of the features mentioned with regard to odor control and minimal scooping – things that really matter to pet parents – I decided to also give the product my prestigious Must Have Stamp of Approval. The stamp highlights products that improve the lives of pets and their pet parents in one way or another. And this one fits that bill! Visit the website to learn more.


The Skoon litter was provided by the Inova. However, all opinions are my own. I only write about topics, events and products that I consider readers will consider useful information and relevant to their interests.