Kitchen Dog Wall Mounted Feeder

The  Kitchen Dog is a modern wall-mounted feeder that is suitable for both dogs and cats  as well as rabbits and other critters. 

Elevated dishes are often recommended for pets that eat too fast and suffer from bloat. And, of course they are ideal for elderly pets and tri-pods as they don’t have to get down to floor level to eat.

The unit includes two BPA-free bowls. Larger bowl combinations are also available.

We liked the following features:

• The unit can be easily removed from the wall and the dishes are dishwasher safe.
• There are many color options available to match to any décor. 
• Its slim profile is perfect for tight places and for use in RV’s and boats.
• Dish set can be customized to fit any pet’s needs. They cal also be fitted in cages and in safe pet enclosures.

A word of caution though. Because this is a DIY project, be sure you mark the correct height to suit your pet before affixing permanently.

The Kitchen Dog gets the Must Have Stamp of Approval.