Catit Flower Fountain LED

This water dispenser, hands-down, is THE best we’ve used in more ways than one. It’s simple in design, easy to both fill and clean, sturdy enough to withstand any of our kitties’ antics, and offers various settings for water delivery for our multi-cat household, even for our finicky, picky furbabies.
The latest design upgrade has addressed two problems the last model had:
  • 1) Knowing when the water level is running low and needs to refilled thanks to the new handy-dandy water level indicator window and
  •  If the pump randomly dies or playful kitties accidentally unplug the device, cats are still able to get their drink on because of the newly designed lid with multiple water-pockets.
  • Plus the LED-lit water level also provides kitties with a night light.

    Sweet Luna prefers drinking out of the water-pockets.
The Catit Water Fountain LED is great value for the money and, when combined with its compact footprint and 3L reservoir make this fountain a win on all fronts and thus gets the Must Have Stamp of Approval.
Product Testers Cleo and her siblings Kali and Luna.