Freelancing has become a popular path for many in their careers, enabling them to be more flexible with their work and personal life, whereas many see the world of freelancing as the great unknown and a scary place to be. But just how profitable are some of the freelance careers we see these days, and just how desirable do people find them? Well,  Protectivity , a United Kingdom-based insurance company has analyzed over 50 freelance careers to highlight the most financially secure and desirable jobs out there. And both pet-sitting and dog-walking made the list.

In the UK, the number of freelancers is on the up from 3.3million in 2001 to 4.8 million in 2017, a clear indication that  job insecurity in freelancing has faded away, with more people finding the idea of the flexibility it brings more appealing. As well as this, there has been significant press around the ‘gig economy’, with it being revealed that currently, 2.8 million people in the UK are selling their labor through various online apps.

Americans are known to be besotted about their pets and although this research is UK based, it no doubt indicates trends that may exist in the U.S. too.

When it comes to the desirability of the careers, 68% consider a photographer to be a desirable career with a musician closely behind on 64%. Interestingly, in a generation and time that is so focused on social media and digital platforms, the careers that came out at the bottom were bloggers and social media marketer’s with only 38% believing these to be desirable. Similarly, although becoming a yoga instructor proved itself to be a profitable career to embark upon, many did not believe this path to be a desirable one with only a 41% vote.

For the animal lovers, it comes as no surprise that both petsitting and dog-walking made it into the top 20 of the most desirable freelance careers. They may not be the big money-spinners compared to corporate jobs or careers like architecture or law, but  who can resist looking after some love-able animals for a living!