KRUUSE Buster Colour Squeak Rope


Dogs just want to play. And pet parents want a toy that last more than day! Buster brand by KRUUSE has created a new line of rope toys perfect for providing a dog with the fun and exercise that is so essential for their mental and physical health.

This new line in blue and neon green includes four different styles  namely the Tuggaball,  Bungee Rope, Dental Rope and Riley’s new favorite, the Squeak Rope. It turned out to be highly durable and even this rough and vigorous canine chewer couldn’t get it to unravel. They are also available in orange and yellow.

It is a great chew/distraction toy and also does double duty as a throw-fetch toy. AND,  it’s turned out to be her favorite comfort toy too and goes with her when its snooze time. A triple win makes it a must-have and one worth stocking up on.

Product Tester was Riley.