The Original Hide and Sneak Paper Cat Tunnel by Dezi & Roo

There is no shortage of tunnels for cats. But the Hide and Sneak takes the fun and games to a different level because it combines the antics with feline favorites namely cardboard boxes and strong brown paper. Because that is exactly what the Hide and Sneak is – an elongated brown paper tunnel “box”.

According to Lynn Bahr, the veterinarian-turned cat toy innovator behind the Desi and Roo product, the tunnel taps into a myriad of basic needs cats have for security, comfort, marking, chewing, playing, sleeping, and living.  It combines the three things they love best – paper bags, cardboard boxes, and tunnels – all in one therapeutic and fun toy.

“Paper naturally attracts cats. Several studies document the need all cats have to hide and the Hide and Sneak fulfills this basic instinct in an innovative and unique way,” she says.

This is what fun looks like!

Ziggy and Tory were testers for this product and it is without doubt their favorite toy. They play separately and together with one inside the tunnel and the other jumping on top to block the passage way. They lie on it and drag other toys such as their wand toys on to it to initiate further games.The fun never stops…

Yes, its paper and yes, it gets destroyed. But from a cat’s perspective that is part of the fun. They are designed to be recycled and priced to be replaced.

The Hide and Sneak Tunnel get the Must have Stamp of Approval.