Take Your Dog To Work Day

It’s take your dog to work dat at the end of this month. It’s a very popular event worldwide and often the cornerstone for future pet policies at companies. I asked Dr. Danielle Bernal, veterinarian with Wellness Natural Pet Food to share some practical advice.

Go win them over Fluffy!

  1. Before You Bring Fido: Ensure your work area is puppy proof and your colleagues are all on board with the idea. A dog in the office will often mean that every dog lover in the building will be swinging by your desk for a pat or a cuddle, but don’t forget that some people may have allergies or could even be afraid of your dog. Double check that poisonous plants, cleaning products and items like whiteboard markers are out of reach and power cords are hidden.
  2. Pack the Doggie Bag: To make sure your pup will feel comfortable in the new environment, pack some of his favorite things so that there is a degree of familiarity for him. A cozy bed, favorite blanket or toy, water bowl, and natural, healthy snacks like Wellness CORE 100% Freeze Dried Treats will go a long way to keep him entertained and comfortable.
  3. Let Out Some Energy: Start your dog’s day with a little exercise so they are not too excited when they get to the office. It will help keep them calm throughout the day. A new environment can be overwhelming for some dogs so before you get straight into checking emails, take a little time to let your dog walk around, meet any other dogs in the office and say hello to all your co-workers.
  4. Create A Zone: Place their bed beside your desk so that they have an area that they can feel comfortable in. If your day is looking terribly busy and you think you may be away from your desk for longer periods of time, consider setting up a temporary penned area with baby gates, or enlist a willing co-worker to “dogsit” while you’re away.
  5. Schedule Breaks: Schedule extra bathroom breaks to minimize the risk of accidents happening and ensure you both get some exercise outside in the fresh air.
  6. Have a Backup Plan: Even the best-behaved pooch can have their moments. If you’re finding your dog cannot get themselves settled due to the sensory overload and new environment, make sure you have the approval from your workplace to take the rest of the day and work from home.
  7. But Above All Else…Have Fun! Don’t forget to have fun! Pets in the workplace are proven to lift mood, lower stress and even improve productivity. With a little planning both you and your pup can have a wonderful day!

Pet Sitters International launched Take Your Dog to Work Day® in 1999 to celebrate the great companions dogs make and to promote their adoptions.

According to a survey conducted by ORC International from a random sampling of 1,100 adult pet owners demographically representative of the U.S. population, this is the big picture …

  • 20% of people work in an office that celebrates Take Your Dog to Work Day.
    • 13% of respondents will be bringing their dog to work
    • 6% of respondents will be leaving their dog at home
    • 8% work remotely or from home so every day is TYDTWD
  • 39% of offices do not celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day.

What benefits would you sacrifice, if any, to be able to bring your dog to work?

  • 37% of respondents would sacrifice benefits to be able to bring their dog to work
    • 13% would sacrifice vacation time
    • 7% would give up the ability to work from home
    • 6% would take a pay cut
    • 16% responded “other”
  • 17% of respondents work in a dog-friendly environment

Would you consider a career move if it meant you could bring your pet to work?

  • 44% of respondents would consider a career move for a pet-friendly workplace
    • That number is slightly higher for millennials (51%), with Gen-X coming in at 49%

How do you think having a pet at your office would affect your productivity?

  • 32% of respondents feel they would be more productive with a pet at the office
  • 35% feel that pets in the office would have no impact on their work