Essential Pet Hairball Paw Paste


Hairballs! They are as awful for cats to hack up as they are for pet parents to clean up. Often, they are projectile-vomited and spewed over a distance combined with partly digested food.

Over the years I have tried numerous pastes to help line the digestive tract and help cats swallow the offending fur.

Often, cats don’t like the taste and also find the thickness of the paste difficult for clean-up. There’s another problem with thick paste that has a texture of toffee; its difficult to rub on to the fur efficiently. What happens is that cats give a shake and globs of paste fly off and settle on walls, floor and even ceilings!

The paw paste from Essential Pet has a fluffy mousse texture. It’s VERY easy to massage into the fur. comparable to applying a sunscreen to fur. Consequently, its very difficult to shake off. As a result, cats simply get down to work to lick it off.

Clean up is easy for them to deal with and they definitely are not offended by the fish flavor.

Even if you brush your cat regularly, loose hairs remain on the coat and its a really good idea to take a wet paper towel and wipe off as much loose hair as possible. This way there is less to digest.

This Paw Paste is undoubtably the best I have ever tried and again, the taste is totally cat approved.If you  look closely at Ziggy’s white paw in the photograph above , it’s difficult to even detect that there is paste there! (Below Tory also making efficient work  to remove the past.)

Finally as Ziggy demonstrates below —  Look Mom! My paw is totally clean.

This is the best paste I have ever tested and hence, with the help of Ziggy and Tory it gets the Must Have Stamp of Approval