These days, with an on-going quest to offer cats lots of enrichment especially if they enjoy some natural herbs such as catnip, the Asian silvervine and valerian, which is very popular in Europe and now available in the US, are great ways to rev up feline activity levels through fun and games.

When it comes to products – whatever the category – the one thing that distinguishes one from another is quality.

Meowijuana catnip products are made from organic nip that’s grown in states like Arkansas and California and the company currently has their own fields under cultivation which will start producing soon. There is nothing like having control of your product literally from the ground up to win over and instill trust in consumers. Further, they have very cleverly capitalized on the current popularity of legalized marijuana state wide in terms of their green packaging which replicates the packaging found in real weed stores. And cats can also apply for their own a Medical Meowijuana ID cards featuring their photograph and purrsonal details too.

The product line-up includes toys such as the kitty blunts and spliffs, and canisters of catnip buds, dried leaves and even a catnip spray.

We have been testing these products for several months in order to ascertain how they maintain freshness and how they engage cats once they have been opened and used. The canisters and tubs seal well and really maintain the freshness of the products and the spray holds its efficacy and hence past the time tests. The spray is great to freshen up toys and also spray on scratch-appropriate surfaces – and can be a great “training tool” when teaching a cat to use on new scratching trees.

The buds are fabulous they as don’t crumble – until cats get hold of them. And the catnip blunts are the perfect size allowing a cat to hold it with their hind legs as they rub and enjoy it with their front legs.  The product is stuffed with premium catnip that has been blended with both silvervine and valerian root to make it really potent.

All the products in the line-up get our coveted Must Have Stamp of Approval.Product testers were Ziggy and Tory who also generously shared their stash with friends …