New Law Possibly on the Way to Protect Pets in the Air

Former Westminster Best in Show champion Uno going through a TSA security check

Following the tragic death of Kokito aboard a United Airlines flight last week, Senator Alcantara filed a new bill in New York today to guarantee the safety of companion animals aboard a plane. “Kokito’s Law” guarantees a set of pet passenger rights to all companion animals flying with their humans including that they are given access to food, water and medications during a flight, are kept in a climate-controlled environment and are never placed in an overhead compartment. Violators of any of those rights could be fined up to $5,000.

It’s a start. We need to have a  a pet safety conversation. It would be nice if airline representatives would sit down at a round table with animal welfare representatives to discuss safety in the air and on the ground along with how to deal with the challenges of bogus emotional support pets…