Petlinks Supreme Soother

supreme soother dog bed from Petlinks

supreme soother dog bed from Petlinks

I have seen  and bought some amazing dog beds over the years and this memory gel foam bolstered bed is  right up there with the best of them. The fabric covering is soft, warm and inviting and perfect for snowy winter days! The memory gel foam cushion is a great choice for pets especially older cats and dogs or those with joint issues as it offers both comfort and excellent support.  Both my cats and Pixel  the Pug like this one and have set up a time-share arrangement. And, as a true test of a dog bed’s appeal, my children like to lounge in it while reading too!

This is definitely a high-quality bed all round. Often beds rip or don’t hold up especially the underside of the bed, because the manufacturers have cut costs by using cheaper and often inferior fabrics on the underside. This PetLinks bed is very well made – the bottom is constructed of a heavier, more rugged fabric than most beds, and while it has been in daily use, it shows little sign of wear.

This bed was reviewed by Pixel and her team. It available in a medium and large size and definitely a worthy investment and making this a Must Have product.