Dogs have their ways of communicating and one of those ways is to use their claws — scratching at the door to tell you they need to go outdoors or to express their excitement that you’ve finally arrived home after a long day at work. Doors and doorframes are often the casualty from this excitement.

The CLAWGUARD is a heavy duty shield that  covers the door and the door frame to stop scratching and saving you have to replace expensive and unsightly scratched doors. Installation is simple – just place the door shield onto the door handle and your door and door frame is protected. It comes with a smooth side and a ridged “noisy” side and is available in several colors. It easily slips on and off the handle for easy removal during parties or at times when you’re home. It can be used on both  inside and outside doors and hence is ideal for protecting back doors where dogs tend to scratch most often.

The company also makes a Clawguard Protection Film which allows you to protect your windows and furniture. It can be used on on window sills, weather stripping, and even upholstery – ideal for curtains or chairs that your cats adore.  The clear color matches any decor and is easy to trim with household scissors. If you have a cat determined to use your home furniture as a scratching pole, this will put pay to their plans …

Instant home improvement!

Our guest product tester  for the Clawguard is  Brie and it gets our prestigious Must Have Stamp of Approval.