The Tailored Dog Raincoat and Visor

Believe it or not, it rained a lot this past winter in southern California. So it was fortuitous that the testing team got a raincoat and visor to test from The Tailored Dog.

The lightweight waterproof fabric ( similar to Gore-Tex) also proved to be ideal as a windbreaker in dry but chilly weather.

The lucky tester was Kona who generally speaking is not too keen to go outside if the weather is wet and windy. (See her expression above!) But this outfit got her out the door!!

I have seen a lot of raincoats but the design and fit of the Raincoat Supreme is the best we have seen. It’s not only the way the straps sit and Velcro closed around the body, but the coat itself has toggles so that you can adjust the length for an absolute perfect fit. It took designer Rita Green three-and-a-half years to perfect her design and she certainly got it right.

The visor, named the Visor in Vogue, is also extremely well designed and adjustable. Kona was not too keen to wear it ,(hence another model above), but hopefully in time she will be more accepting because canine  canine ophthalmologists believe that visors provide extra eye protection and help prevent the formation of age related cataracts. So it’s ideal for sunny days too.

The Raincoat Supreme comes in fire engine red and bright yellow, two colors that are extremely flattering to all dogs. It also comes with what Green calls a “Audrey Hepburnesque Bow” to add a bit of fashion flair.

The raincoat gets the Must Have Stamp of Approval because its design/cut is so adjustable to suit dogs for all shapes and sizes and gets compliments for the doggie wearer all the time.