The Petcube Play


petcube-play_white-2As pet parents, we all know the benefits of staying connected to our fur kids 24/7 via a video monitor. But what if that monitor can initiate games to keep your pets active and engaged while we’re are away? Well, that is exactly what the Petcube Play does with its built-in laser.

This is a huge advantage for pet parents because many pets that are  left home alone for long periods suffer from boredom and loneliness which, in turn, can lead to serious anxiety issues.

The Petcube Play allows you to initiate exhilarating games at any time ensuring they get plenty of both physical and mental activity in your absence. It works in conjunction with a Smartphone app (and your Apple watch) and the low-powered 5mW 3R class laser is certified safe around pets and people.


There is also an autoplay mode that activates the laser three times every hour, creating random patterns to entertain for 30-second games. The unit has a special rubber non-slip bottom so it can be positioned anywhere in the home and also comes with a mini tripod mount to attach a tripod to help facilitate the best angle for play. The fun and games can be recorded using the monitor’s 1080p HD video camera which has a 138° wide angle lens and nightvision. There is also a two-way microphone and speaker to keep pet parents connected to their fur kids 24/7.

Further, we put their customer service/support via email to the test and their response time was phenomenal and the information  provided very comprehensive. (Kudos to Aria and George!)

Having tested several pet video monitors, I can confidently say that the quality of the picture on the smartphone screen is truly HD and there is very little “lag” as people and pets on screen move around.

The Petcube Play is available in black, silver and rose gold. Units can be set up throughout the home turning it into an amusement park.

Someone is waiting for the Petcube to play ...
Someone is waiting for the Petcube to play …

My only mini gripe is that the Start Guide that comes with the product should be a little more detailed with regard to activating the laser play. But its not a deal breaker because it does tell you to go online to the comprehensive user guide. And, as already mentioned, online customer support is excellent!

Ziggy and Tory were the willing testers of this product, giving it the Must Have Stamp of Approval.