#Dogthanking A Mutt Called Kona

#Dogthanking involves toys and treat and lots of love!
#Dogthanking involves toys and treat and lots of love!

Its Thanksgiving, a time to gather with friends and family and give thanks that they are part of our lives. And that most certainly includes four-legged family members who enrich our lives in so many ways.

Here is a special opportunity to celebrate your dogs by taking part in Purina’s #Dogthanking online event that benefits the Canine Health Foundation. The Foundation funds specific scientific research projects with the ultimate goals of preventing, treating and curing life-threatening dog diseases.

If you are constantly posting photographs of your pooch on social media by simply tagging @Purina and adding the hashtag #dogthanking, Purina will donate $1 to the Canine Health Foundation, capping it off at $50 000. This donation will kick in for all original posts posted up to and including November 27.

One of the highlights of Thanksgiving Day is also the annual National Dog Show. This year’s event celebrates the 15th anniversary of this fabulous show and many of the videos, photographs and posts will be shown during the show. So you could see your dog on TV! The show airs on November 24 at 12 Noon in all times zones on NBC.

Evan and Kona — A Special Bond

This Thanksgiving, I am #dogthanking a five-year-old rescued mutt named Kona. My son Evan (see photo above) and a flat mate adopted her from the San Diego Humane Society during their final college year. She had been in and out of several homes when they took her home to live with four students.

It was obviously a very different family life to what she had experienced. Suddenly she had four “dads” who were all totally besotted with her. They all took turns to take her for walks and on outings. She became quite a “babe” magnet as girls flocked to the apartment to meet her. And she loved the attention. They took her to the beach when they went and to dog-friendly pubs and restaurants. She suddenly had a great social life.

But Kona instantly starting giving back to these doting students in many ways. Most importantly, she was wonderful therapy when they were studying and stressed before tests and exams. She quickly learned that a studying student on a couch was also an available lap to sit on and cuddle and she got them all through their finals and graduation.

And she also taught them a new sense of responsibility. She had to be fed, have her nails trimmed and bathed…

When she came to my home for the first time, it turned out that this sweet tempered pooch also loved cats! Tory our kitten was brought up in foster care around dogs (see photo below) and was cautious but welcoming. So this year, I am #dogthanking this sweet pup for helping Evan get through his final year and for being tolerant of felines. Tory is #dogthanking her too! She is truly a special little creature and her adoption was an all round win-win.

Dogs make great pillows!

Show your dog some extra special affection on Thanksgiving with a pack of treats or a special dog-centric turkey dinner. Simultaneously keep an eye on the kitchen to ensure your pooch doesn’t help himself to leftovers such as bones and corn cobs. And of course, you don’t need a special occasion to give lots of hugs …

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