Managing Diabetes With Your SmartPhone

Taking care of diabetes with a Smartphone app
Taking care of diabetes with a Smartphone app
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We treat our pets as family members and it’s distressing when they are seriously ill. Sadly, diabetes is very common amongst pets and its a disease that requires daily monitoring  of glucose levels and the administration of insulin. It also involves ensuring there is on-going communication with your veterinarian.

Fortunately with the current trend in home diagnostic tools, its easier than every before to effectively manage and treat such diseases. Now  health care company Zoetis has  developed a Smartphone App that works in conjunction with the home monitoring glucose monitoring device that allows pet owners to quickly and easily report a diabetic dog’s or cat’s blood glucose readings to their veterinarian.

The PetDialogä  diabetes management app features a timeline that displays all of a pet’s daily activities such as walks, meals, treats and administered medications. The app also serves as a more accessible way to record a pet’s blood glucose levels obtained through the AlphaTRAK® Blood Glucose Monitoring System.

“Diabetes is a manageable disease. Tools that help pet owners with tracking and forwarding information to their veterinarians, that also create a better quality of life for pets, result in better outcomes,” said Chris Demiris, marketing director, U.S. Diagnostics, Zoetis. “Our new mobile app and online resources help accomplish just that.”

When pet owners register their AlphaTRAK 2 meter, they will be able to record and easily email the pet’s blood glucose and insulin readings to their veterinarian for review. The veterinarian downloads the data and works directly with the pet owner to manage insulin therapy. Pet owners should always follow a veterinarian’s instructions for adjusting insulin.

Creating a pet’s health story helps veterinarians gain a more complete picture of its health through the app while supporting the delivery of the best professional advice and care. The PetDialogä app is available now for download from iTunes and Google Play stores.

To help pet owners be better informed, the AlphaTRAK website offers pet owners and veterinarians various resources including how-to videos, articles, podcasts, and infographics that focus on pet diabetes management. At-home management includes using the best tools for at-home blood glucose monitoring. Using a blood glucose meter specifically calibrated for dogs and cats is key. The AlphaTRAK 2 meter is  can be purchased from veterinarians  or online at American Diabetes Warehouse and American Diabetes Supply.

With consistent management, diabetes can have a minimal impact on the daily life of a pet and pet parent.  For more information, go to

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