TrustyPup Memory Foam Pet Bed

memory foam pet bed works for all pets

memory foam pet bed works for all pets

Pixel is definitely a lap dog. Before the TrustyPup bed, Pixel’s mother tried three different dog beds and the pug ignored all of them.

“When the kids went back to school and I went back to working in my home office after the summer, Pixel was seriously not happy about the fact that she could not sit in my lap while I work.

When the TrustyPup arrived, my kids all thought it was fabulous and I had to make them get out of it so that Pixel could try it. I have no idea from a dog’s perspective why this bed appeals to her but she is in LOVE with it. I put it right by my desk and she happily curls up in it while I work, no more giving me super sad pleading looks to pick her up.


From a human perspective, its very stylish.The inside is super soft fleece and the bottom is padded with memory foam. I think that this would probably be fantastic for older dogs or dogs that have joint problems (or toddlers — my 2-year-old keeps climbing in it to watch TV.) There is a zipper on the bottom so that you can remove the memory foam and wash the bed, as well. It is nice and neutral, blends in with the décor, and Pixel could not be happier with as its roomy enough for her to drag her toys in and lounge around.
She is getting spayed next week and I think this will be a nice cozy place to recuperate.

The TrustyPup Memory Foam Pet Bed was tested by Pixel and  gets the Must Have Stamp of Approval.