The SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl

The SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl ideal for single pet households
The SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl  ideal for single pet households
The SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl

Studies done in Britain on open pet food bowls has shown that wet food goes rancid and unpalatable if left standing out. In fact, this recent research has further shown

that cat owners who feed their pets wet food throw as much as a third of it away because it dries out or their cats won’t eat it. And this waste can cost around $15 a month per pet.

I have previously reviewed the SureFeed Microchip Feeders designed for a multi-pet household, as the bowl will only open exclusively for the microchip of the cat or small dog approaching the bowl. It got my Musthave Stamp of Approval. And, it is what I in fact use in my own home to feed my cats two very different diets.

However, a microchip-operated bowl is not necessary in a single pet household. So the company has created a motion sensor-operated bowl with the same features to seal off and keep food fresh that opens simply when the pet approaches it.

Operation is simple. When a cat approaches the SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl, the motion sensor automatically opens the bowl. Once the pet is through feeding, the bowl closes creating an airtight seal that keeps food fresh until the next time the cat approaches the bowl. This seal also helps prevent odors and keeps bugs out. Further, the operation of the lid is almost silent and is certainly not a distraction.

The bowl comes with a standard grey bowl, but additional bowls in blue, pink and green can be purchased separately. There are also divided bowls available, which means that you can put out both wet and dry food simultaneously and is ideal if you feed a combination diet.

I believe in controlled free feeding meaning that I put out a measured quantity and my cats are at liberty to eat. This bowl is ideal for such an all day feeding schedule to maintain maximum freshness.

Further, the bowl and lid can be easily removed for cleaning while the rest of the bowl simply wipes clean. The bowl operates on four C cell batteries that typically last for six months. And from a design point of view, it compact and very stylish, something I am happy to display in any room of my home.

The tester for this bowl was Ziggy. Thus the SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl gets the Must Have Stamp of Approval.