The Whimsy Cat Toy

The Whimsy interacive cat toy for solo feline fun

The Whimsy is an automatic teaser toy that connects to almost any counter, table or other sturdy surface and dangles a fun teaser ball for your cat. It also has a  Play While You Are Away mode so your cats can play throughout the day.

SeaCat and Flapjack’s Mom attached it to a windowsill in the dining room, where the cats like to hang out.

” It makes a bit of noise, (whirring etc) but the cats seem to like that and the movement of the dangling toy part is erratic and unpredictable – so they don’t seem to be getting bored with it. I think this one is great especially for people who have to leave their cats home alone, as this provides a nice way to keep them busy. I also like that it is very easy to install / move – it really is versatile in terms of where it can be attached.


“The directions that come with it are pretty clear, and battery life is good (we’ve been using it for a month or so now and have not had to replace the batteries yet).  It is solidly built and attaches firmly without harming the surface – so perfect for cats that play rough without being tough on your  your household interior.”

Product testator were Flapjack and SeaCat.

The Whimsy gets the Must Have Stamp of Approval.