Pelù Pet Fur Rollers

Lint rollers for pet fur a really great invention

Lint rollers for pet fur a really great invention

This could possibly be one of the best inventions to deal with an everyday pet problem since the invention of kitty litter — patented multi-purpose lint rollers designed specifically to be used on pets to remove pesky loose pet hair.

The Pelù Pet rollers from Italian company Mugue are made from a medically approved silicone adhesive paper that it safe to use on pet fur. These patented rollers created as a result of  scientific research done at an Italian university, are infused with various functional essential oils so that apart from their main function of removing loose hair,  they also apply essential oils to promote a glossy coat and ward off insects.

The Pelù Pet Dog Roller is infused with neem oil, known for its antiseptic and antifungal properties as well as argan oil. The purpose of the roller is to remove loose hair and also keep the coat clean and shiny.


The Pelù Pet Cat (above) is also designed to remove lose hair and prevent it from being ingested and causing those dreaded hairballs. It also removes the residue of any dandruff condition your cat may have and keeps the coat glossy.

The Pelù Pet ZanzaaStop is infused geranium and lemongrass and designed to ward off summer insects and promote a shiny coat.

All the rollers have perforated sheets that tear easily and the rollers come in a plastic shell cover to protect the unused sheets and retain the perfume oils. The handle is ergonomically designed, making it easy to hold and use and, further, it has a hook so you can hang it up for easy convenience.

I tested the Pelù Pet Cat on Ziggy. Like all cats, he needs help with the grooming process and I brush him regularly using a variety of different grooming tools including a deshedding tool. The problem is that after I’m finished, there are still loose hairs on his coat. I have tried taking a grooming wipe to remove them but it doesn’t do an efficient job. I know for a fact that within 12 hours of grooming, he will have groomed himself, ingested the loose hair and given it back to me in the form of a hairball!

So I was keen to tried the roller. It quickly and efficiently removed the very fine loose hairs that I was unable to remove with a grooming tool or towel. The cat sheets are infused with lavendar, lemon and thyme and left his coat shiny and smelling fresh and clean. What’s more he tolerated the use of the sheets.

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And so I waited to see the final outcome. Would there be a hairball or not…


The Pelù Pet Cat roller definitely gets my Must Have Stamp of Approval