Nifti SafeLatch Pet Safety Leash

The magnetic hold the hardware in place on this leash

The magnetic hold the hardware in place on this leash

We all expect the hardware on a dog leash to be fail-safe. But accidents happen and the consequences can be serious of the dog escapes its leash and rushes into the street or worse, oncoming traffic.

That’s what prompted the design and manufacture of the a bolt snap latch with a magnet that literally latches on to the D-ring when snapped into place.

The magnet on the leash hardware is extremely strong. You can literally feel the pull. But there is a methodology to clip it on and its well explained on the label, and can be done with one hand. Its simply a matter of pushing down the easy to use thumb shape level and bring close to the metal D-ring on your dog’s collar or harness for an automatic connection. As the latch gets close, the metal D-ring is automatically lifted and attaches to the magnet inside the latch. To release, it’s a matter of twisting the latch away from D-ring to instantly release the magnetic hold.

Clancy helped test the patented Nifti SafeLatch™ Pet Safety Leash and it gets the Must Have Stamp of Approval.