Dr. Catsby’s Bowl Fights Whisker Stress

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At last the pet industry is taking the issue of whisker stress in cats seriously.

A cat’s whiskers are very sensitive hairs designed to operate as a cat’s “radar system” especially when they need to get through small spaces. Cats that are fed their meals in small bowls often suffer from whisker fatigue  or whisker stress, a painful affliction when the delicate whiskers are in constant touch with the sides of a bowl. And it hurts! Often pet parents are unaware of the affliction and don’t understand why their cat hesitates in front of the food bowl, or doesn’t eat properly even when hungry, or pulls food out of the bowl with their mouth or paw to eat off the floor.

Admittedly there are several food bowls on the market designed to allow cats to eat freely without their whiskers touching the side of the bowl. But the Dr. Catsby Bowl takes the design to the next level.

Made from stainless steel, it is without doubt extremely well designed to allow cats to enjoy their food. (Its important to remember that cats in the wild eat on flat surfaces and not out of cutesy little bowls.)

The bowl sits snuggly on a non-slip mat so that it remains in place through the meal and it has a “finger hole” to allow the pet parent to easily lift it off the mat.

Plus it’s really sleek and very stylish and will look good wherever you feed your cat.

Ziggy was the tester of Dr. Catsby’s Bowl. (He is one of those cats that will click food out of a bowl that is not to his liking …)

The Dr. Catsby’s Bowl gets the Must Have Stamp of Approval.

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