Pledging Your Love And Affections

Take the  Pure Love For Pets pledge and win these great prizes
Take the Pure Love For Pets pledge and win these great prizes

There’s no question that our pets are not supposed to be couch potatoes, left alone for hours at a time. They thrive on human companionship and interactive games to keep them both mentally and physically engaged.

The January window to make New Year’s resolutions may have closed already but there is always time to make a pledge and keep it instead. And a pledge can be anything – to spend more time grooming your fur kid – after all that’s a great way to spend quality time together. It would be kitting out a new crate for your pooch or hiding new toys and treats in a cat tower for your feline to hunt and prey upon.

A good place to start for some idea would be the website to make a pledge and while you are surfing around you can also play the instant win game to win a prize box or the grand prize  which is a deluxe dog crate or a feline deluxe cat tower. All the prizes are geared to help you keep that Pledge such as great grooming tools and interactive toys. There are also leashes and poop bag holders – nice accessories when you are out and about on those daily walks.

The instant-win game is on now and runs through Wednesday, February 17. In addition, will also feature information and tips on different pet pledges you can make and how to help keep them throughout the year.Further, the site features some excellent hints and tips for both dog and cats.

Do You Speak Cat? Learn how...
Do You Speak Cat? Learn how…


For example, here are signs to look for to see if you cat is feeling calm and relaxed.

Her ears are up and pointing slightly forward.

Her whiskers are slightly fanned and pointing sideways.

Her body is stretched out and relaxed.

Her hair is down.

Her tail is in a vertical position.

Her eyes are dilated to light and she may blink.

The post on speaking cat also details what to look for if you feline is feline anxious or irritated.


There are also great tips to keep pets cozy and warm this winter.

And you can also sign up for training tips and coupons on Purina products.

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