The Crossover from People to Pets in the Home Monitor Market

monitoring cat at play via a home camera

Monitors are great for checking in on pets that are home alone

There is no question that technology rules the pet space these days. While there are many pet video monitors made specifically for pets, there is no question that there is a lot of crossover from the human side too. And why not?  If you can monitor a cat you can monitor grandma too!

The Logi Circle is designed to capture the moments that happen in your home every day. It operates via an app on your cell phone.Set-up was straightforward and quick. A big plus!

We tested in the product in various home scenarios and the overall consensus was the picture quality was excellent and so was the night vision feature. And we loved the Day Briefs feature that provides a full day’s highlights in just 30 seconds.

monitoring cat at play via a home camera

Further we found it convenience that it can hold a charge so that you can take it off the charging base and move it somewhere else temporarily, making it a great travel accessory.

Because the competition in the home video monitor department is growing, one has to start considering them in terms of price and picture quality. And the picture quality on the Circle is top notch.

Home monitors are useful for monitoring elderly or sick pets and also to see if there are any behavioral issues  when pets are home alone.