Rudy’s New Human

Rudy's new human


It is one of my biggest peeves. A couple has a dog or a cat and then a baby comes along and all of a sudden the dog or cat has to go because they have read all sorts of ridiculous myths about pets and babies.

Children and pets go together. So my congratulations to author Roxanna Elden for her book that explains that  pets are family members and have a place in a home where there are kids.

RUDY’S NEW HUMAN  charmingly illustrated by Ginger Seehafer tells how  Rudy loves being top dog in his family of three. But when Rudy’s human parents tell him that they are having a baby, will he ever find his place again in his family now that he’s sharing it with the new human? It’s a relevant story that will help older siblings to learn to share parents’ attention and learn that pet are family members too.