The BUSTER Pet Piller


There is no question that giving pets medication can be very stressful —  for both the pet and the pet parent. Cats are notorious!.They know how to hold the pill in their mouths just long enough for you to think they’ve swallowed it and then, when you think all is done, they spilt it out!

Many years ago I had a syringe-styled pill popper that literally shot the pill to the back of the throat so that one swallow and it was gone. It finally broke and I have searched long and hard for many years for a replacement and finally found the BUSTER Pet Piller.

It has a soft nozzle which allows you to insert pills of various shape and size. Then its simply a matter of drawing back the green handle and, “firing” the pill. It is easy to use and easy to wash.

I know there are pill pastes to wrap pills. The problem is that often cats  get wise and eventually ignore the “treat” you have prepared for them. And on the other hand, if you had to pill a cat daily,  the paste is adding unnecessary calories to the pet’s diet.

The BUSTER Pet Piller is available  from veterinarians and specialty retailers. If you can’t find it,  direct your veterinarian or favorite pet store to  this website so that they can order for you and for their other clients too.

The BUSTER  Pet Piller was tested by Fudge who is notorious when it comes to taking medication. It is such a functional, easy-to-use product and deserves my Must Have Stamp of Approval.