Holiday Soup Kitchen For Cats

Community Cats is coming a popular "title" for feral cats

Wet foods served to stray cats over the holidays


Kitty Bungalow Charm school for Wayward Cats, the non-profit organization that helps low-income colony managers to feed their fixed community cats with month supply of cat food is hosting a special soup kitchen offering a wet meal to homeless cat communities on Christmas Eve.

Thanks to a donation from Wellness, Los Angeles’ fixed homeless cats will be getting an upgrade for Christmas dinner a healthy wet meals of savory pate and tender meat cuts with gravy and it will be served by celebrity servers. Elaine Hendrix Maitland Ward are two well known names who will be helping out.

“We just wanted to spread holiday cheer to the homeless cats of our city. These cats did not ask to be homeless, the problem was created by human failing to spay and neuter creating generations of feral cats living on the streets. They aren’t to blame and shouldn’t be punished. We wanted to do something nice for them and their kind colony managers this holiday,” said Kitty Bungalow Headmistress Shawn Simons.

The celebrities signed on to help deliver the food on Christmas Eve day to the colony managers continue the tradition of celebrities helping to feed the homeless on the holidays.  This time, it just happens to be cats.

If you have stray unfixed cats in your area go to and read about feral cats and how this organization can help.

This is such a great idea. Hopefully it can spread to other cities in the future too.