The Yummy Spill-proof Travel Bowl

spill-proof bowls for pets

spill-proof bowls for petsOne of the busiest travel times of the year is about to get underway and there is no question that more pets are traveling with their pet parents than ever before. But even if you aren’t going anywhere, you go places locally with your dog and thus the need for a spill proof travel bowl is always relevant.

The Yummy Travel Bowl is not only a spill-proof option for always having water for your pet “on tap”, but its actually three bowls in one which means you can produce a meal for two pets wherever you are too.

Freezing water in the water bowl base of the Yummy Travel Bowl is also great for those who feed their pets fresh or canned food because  the frozen base will keep the food cool while traveling or out and about. Of course freezing water for a road trip is a great idea too.




These bowls are so practical and their multi-functionality awards them my Must Have Stamp of Approval.They are made by Sleepypod.

The testers for this product were Fudge, Ziggy and Moose.