Wigzi Gel Leash

It had to happen. There’s gel in everything from mattresses to shoes. And now there’s the retractable tape Gel Leash from Wigzi.  Even if you don’t have rheumatism in your fingers, the gel-infused handle offers a new level of comfort to an everyday activity.

The leash is available available in small, medium and large and three colors — blue, red and a yellow which reflects for night-time walks. 

Moose was the tester for this leash and his Mom said she particularly liked the 13 ft length for a small dog. Plus it’s very light weight and the buttons are easy to lock and release even when you are motion. Nice hardware to attach to your pooch’s collar or harness too.

The tester for this product was Moose.

The Wigzi Gel Leash gets my Must Have Stamp of Approval.