The DerMagic Feline Soap Bar

Dermagic feline soap bar to wash cats

Dermagic feline soap bar to wash cats

There no question that cats, shampoo and water don’t always go well together.

For some cats, the mere sight of a bath tub and the hand shower running instantly causes panic and their heart rate  spikes.

Fortunately, there is more than one way to clean a cat.

But for those cats that will tolerate a bath, and, possibly even enjoy water, (and some felines do), there is a new soap bar from DerMagic that I was eager to test. Fudge and Ziggy are in the “no bath” category so the job of testing went to Flapjack.

To properly test the soap, Flapjack had two baths (with several weeks in between).

“The bar took getting used to holding,” reports Flapjack’s Mom. “But ultimately I found it easier to use than a liquid soap as it fitted nicely I to the palm of my hand which made it easy to hold and simultaneously massage into the fur. It lathered nicely and rinsed off easily which was a huge plus because by the time we got to the rinsing even tolerant Flapjack had had enough.

“After the second bath, I definitely noticed less dandruff in his fur, his coat is definitely shinier and softer and he appears to be shedding slightly less than normal. And his fur smell amazing; I was half tempted to use it on my kids.

The DerMagic feline soap bar is available in Rosemary and Chamomile and Sage and only made from natural ingredients. The product is manufactured in the Pacific Northwest and DerMagic claim that one 3.5 oz bar will outlast a 16-ounce bottle of liquid shampoo.

The tester for this product was Flapjack

The DerMagic Feline Soap Bar gets my Must Have Stamp of Approval.