If there is one thing all cats have in common is patience especially if it means sitting at a hole in a skirting board waiting for a mouse to pop out. They can do it for hours!

The new Cheese electronic toy from Petsafe, replicates this waiting game with two bright yellow mice popping out of this “block of Swiss cheese”.

The toy has a Play-While-You-Are-Away mode which means that cats can play when the Big Mouse (you) is away. It also has an automatic battery switch off after 15 minutes of play to conserve the battery power.

I love electronic toys which promote a cat’s natural instincts to pounce and hunt and this toy does just that.

And it’s stylish! I am quite happy to leave it lying around on the floor.

PetSafe_The Cheese_Orange Tabby

The tester for this product was Ziggy

The Cheese gets my Must Have Stamp of Approval.