Milwaukee County Zoo unveils Outdoor Gorilla Exhibit



A new exhibit offering an enhanced experience for visitors and gorillas alike has just opened  at the Milwaukee County Zoo.

The exhibit will serve as a backyard to seven gorillas, including Sulaiman, the male western lowland gorilla born last November and named by Northwestern Mutual employees. New structures in the exhibit include landscaped shelters, vegetation and platforms designed to encourage and enhance the instinctive behaviors of gorillas seen in the wild.

“All winter, the primates staff have been eagerly watching as each new rock, hill or climbing structure was added to the Gorilla Yard,” said Trish Khan, Milwaukee County Zoo curator of primates and small mammals. “When the gorillas were finally sent out to explore their new enriched environment, it was wonderful to watch our silverback peacefully survey his family from the highest rock, while the girls try to choose a new favorite spot to rest. It’s really hard to tell who is more excited, the gorillas or their zookeepers.”

Zoo visitors will have a chance to fully experience and learn about gorillas, an endangered species. The exhibit is free with zoo admission and open during normal operating hours.