The RemoteLync Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Home Monitoring Device

For most pet parents, there is always the concern  about what to do if an emergency should occur when you are at work or away and your pets are home alone. It goes without saying that primary issues for every homeowner are the possible outbreak of a fire or a gas leak.

Thus I was keen to test the RemoteLync Monitor from Kidde that notifies homeowners of such home emergencies.

This small nifty gadget plugs directly into a single outlet and monitors smoke or carbon monoxide alarms in the home, using the home’s Wi-Fi to remotely alert the homeowner on either an iOS or Android phones and tablets.

I have to say I am always apprehensive about setting up such gadgets that first involve downloading an App. But what a surprise! This was really easy to do as the device offers excellent step-by- step instructions, completing the initial set-up in a few minutes.

Another plus is that’s an outright purchase of $99 – no subscriptions or membership fees, which I must say I always find annoying because they are a smokescreen, (pardon the pun), disguising the true cost of the device.

Once set up, the RemoteLync Monitor works 24/7 and is compatible with all UL approved smoke and carbon monoxide alarms manufactured after 1999. One device is said to offer full coverage for the average-sized American home. Although I must admit I have no idea what that is! It is currently available at Home Depot.

Further, the App can be customized to notify your own personal network of people such as family members, neighbors and even 911.

Fudge and Ziggy “tested” the gadget by jumping out of snooze mode and looking around when I tested my alarms for the initial set up.

The RemoteLync Monitor is small, easy to install and very practical. Thus it gets my Must Have Stamp of Approval.