My Guinness! That’s A Tall Cat Tree !

Tree Photo at shop

Cats that have a safe indoors-only lifestyle really appreciate it when some of the outdoors can be brought inside. The best way to do this is to install a cat tree.

A family in West Linn, Oregon really went all out for their felines when they commissioned Joe DelRocco of Pet Tree Houses to build what is the tallest cat scratching tree ever created.The tree which measures  16 ft 10 in and extends to nearly 20 foot with the foliage – has just been awarded the prestigious Guinness Book of World Records Award for the world’s tallest cat scratching tree.

Not everyone has room for a 20-ft tree. Fortunately, the company makes them in all shapes and sizes. Awards are nothing new for Joe and Shelley. They have a stack of prestigious awards on the wall already for their contributions to innovative feline furniture.

Below: The tree installed in the home:

6 Photo of Tree from Outside of the Catmosphere